Plank race 2018 --  Sunday September 23rd




The race will be from the willow tree to the far brick wall.

The plank can be made to your own design and construction

Plank size a maximum of 3 ft by 6 inches or the metric equivalent.


Any form of power may be used apart from I/C or rocket propulsion.

Once in the water, there will be no further control by radio / computer or any other means.
You can only SHOUT at it.


The plank must, when sailing, have both ends in the water.


1st Prize is a bottle of plonk , a cup and replica

2nd Prize is a bottle

3rd Prize the same.


You can enter by bringing your plank on the Sunday morning.


The lowest number of points achieved by ONE of three sailings will be taken as your score.

The winner will be the one with the lowest score.

If you have any queries please contact Trevor Coveney or Bob Brooks.