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Notice Board     A place for notifying members of important matters

The Plank Race, scheduled for Sunday 23rd, has been postponed for a week due to inclement weather.  It will now be held on SUNDAY 30th SEPTEMBER.
Sunday 23rd September will be an 'ordinary' County Hall meeting.

For the Plank Race, you are invited to put together a simple, free running, mechanically powered plank and to enter it into an against-all-comers straight running contest.  It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.  At its simplest, a plank, a battery, motor and propeller with a bit of bent tin to act as a rudder will do admirably. Click here to see the rules (which are few and simple!).  For photos of previous race entries, scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on the link to Tony Holt's model boating site and when it opens click on 'DSMBC Events'.  There are several pages of excellent photos of Plank races from previous years

The very first Plank Race was held in 2007, and an article about it was printed in the November 2007 edition of Marine Modelling International.  The winner that first year was George Gregory.  Here's a photo of his plank, with the relevant words from the article:

  "The first prize went to George Gregory, whose plank was a masterpiece of basic principles: long and narrow with a good keel and a centrally-mounted clockwork motor driving a large propeller slowly and steadily.  But look carefully at the photograph, which shows it to have a short mast from which are suspended a pair of spherical objects.  Rumour has it that these spheres are fabricated from polished zirconite and their precise spacing causes local tangential warping of the earthís magnetic field.  The resulting flux disturbances interact with the plankís ferromagnetic keel and keep it accurately aligned with the prescribed course. 
Perhaps you donít believe this, but certainly other planks which appeared to conform equally well to basic principles performed abysmally by comparison."

So come on, chaps; you've got just over a week to knock something up!  The more entries there are, the more fun the day will be!  Get down to your sheds and get stuck in!


  On Sunday 2nd September member Joy Pessall celebrated her 90th birthday; there were cakes with candles, balloons, brown paper packages tied up with string, and much cheering!

Joy's husband, Bob, subsequently emailed to say:

"Joy would like to thank all club members at County Hall who made her 90th birthday so happy and memorable.  She had a day of many surprises and was overcome with the friendship shown by all.  Again, many thanks for a lovely day."

Bob and Joy have been enthusiastic DSMBC members for some years, and it was our delight to share their celebrations poolside.  In ten years Joy will get the Queen's telegram.  We'll have an even bigger celebration then!

A number of members have requested club caps.  These can't be ordered individually from the manufacturer because the machine takes too long to set up, so we have ordered a batch of about a dozen.  This will be enough to satisfy those who are waiting, and will also give us a few 'spares'.  So if you would like one please see Graham or Andrea Povey.

In order to do our bit to prevent the possible transfer of blue-green algae from one site to another, please disinfect your boat hulls before and after you sail at any site.  Antibacterial wipes or spray will do the job, or alternatively a suitably diluted disinfectant solution (e.g. Dettol, or similar) in a pound-shop spray bottle, then wiped dry with kitchen roll would do the job admirably. Please note that this action is a requirement, not a request, so please come prepared! 

CLUB SAFETY RULES (updated December 2017)
The DSMBC Safety Rules have been updated to reflect recent changes and developments.  Please read and familiarise yourself with them.  They can be viewed here


Sailing venues  August, September, October and November  2018:

12th August

Worcester Show, Gheluvelt Park

19th August Bodenham Arboretum 1000 - 1200
26th August County Hall  0900-1200
2nd September County Hall  0900-1200
9th September Droitwich Saltfest 
16th September Lakeside  1000-1200
23rd September County Hall  0900-1200
30th September Plank Race - County Hall  (see Notice Board above)
7th October Lakeside  1000-1200
14th October Bodenham Arboretum Display Day  (see Events section below)
21st October Lakeside  1000-1200
28th October County Hall  0900-200
4th November Lakeside  1000-1200
11th November International Model Boat Show  (see Events section below)
18th November Lakeside  1000-1200  (also committee meeting)
25th November A.G.M. Perdiswell  (see Events section below)

County Hall is available every Sunday if you'd prefer to sail there rather than at other sites.
If you sail at County Hall on these dates it is essential that boat hulls are properly disinfected, as usual.

 Bodenham Arboretum                                               photo: Trevor Coveney (The 2017 photographic competition winning photo)

  University of Worcester Lakeside Campus                                                                                     photo:  Alan Gregory



Events for 2018

Keep an eye on this section, it will grow as the weeks pass by, and more information will be provided about each event.

Key to entries:
Entries in normal text are standard club meetings.
Entries in green italics are meetings to which we have been invited as guests, but do not have a club stand.
Entries preceded by this 'club' symbol are meetings at which we have a manned club stand.

Friday 9th March:  Skittles evening

♣  Saturday 6th May:  St. Richard's Canal Festival

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May:  Beale Park

Saturday 12th May:  Knightcote Lifeboat Day

Sunday 10th June:  Bodenham Arboretum

Sunday 10th June:  Knightcote Open Day

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6th, 7th and 8th July:  Hereford Society of Model Engineers Summer steam-up and boating regatta

Sunday 8th July:  Knightcote Navy Day

Wednesday 25th July: Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers

Friday 27th July:  Summer Skittles evening

Sunday 12th August:  Worcester Show at Gheluvelt Park

Sunday 9th September:  Droitwich Salt Fest

Sunday 30th September:  The 2018 Plank Race
Venue is County Hall.  It's a long time since we've held a Plank race; last year we had to cancel it because County Hall was closed.  Click here to see the rules.  For photos of previous race entries, scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on the link to Tony Holt's model boating site and when it opens click on 'DSMBC Events'.  There are several pages of excellent photos of Plank races from previous years.

Sunday 14th October:  Bodenham Arboretum
This will be one of our 'display' days, as run earlier this year.  We will put on a display of boats and sail as many of them as possible!  Times are 1000-1600, so either bring some lunch or buy it in the restaurant,  You don't have to stay all day if you don't want:-)

Thursday 8th November:  International Model Boat Show Rig Day

Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November:  International Model Boat Show

Sunday 25th November: AGM
Venue: Perdiswell Young People's Leisure Club, WR3 7SN, room number Activity 5 (same venue as last year)  Please arrive from 09:30 for a 10:00 prompt start.

2018  Committee

Your committee members until November 2018 are:

Chairman - Trevor Coveney
                  (trevorcamping72(at)gmail.com   Tel: 01527 876870)
Secretary - Graham Povey
                  (graspov(at)aol.com   Tel: 01905 923514)
Treasurer - Pete Thornton
Events Secretary - Andrea Povey
Newsletter Editor - Rob Oswell
Tony Addison
George Aldridge
Adrian Taylor
Membership Secretary - Jim Cook (co-opted)



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A typical Sunday gathering at County Hall                                                                                         photo: Dave Stratford

Click Here  for a link to Tony Holt's model boating site - one of the best there is!

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